Cafeteria Remodel Calvin Rampton Building – ID:

Bid Date: December 13, 2016

Bid Time: 11:00 AM

Location: West Valley, UT

Project Description:

This work includes the remodel of the Southeast one-story portion of the building previously used as a cafeteria into a conference center. The space will be gutted except for the structural elements and the electrical room. The major elements will include a conference room that would seat up to 100 people, a training room that would seat up to 50 people, and a breakroom that would also seat up to 50 people. The reconfiguration of the restrooms to fully meet the requirements of the ADA as well will be a part.

Expected Start of Construction…..January 2017 with Substantial Completion deadline of June 1st, 2017.

Estimated Value: $ 1,000,000.

Bid documents are available for your review and use on our Website at, in our public plan room under the title of “Cafeteria Remodel Calvin Rampton Bldg”. Please check our website regularly to review any Architect provided addenda. Be sure to note on your proposal that you have viewed all addenda and/or questions asked by other as noted. They are expected to be incorporated into your bid price if they affect your general scope of work.

We also have a hard copy in our office plan room of the bid documents if you prefer. Please forward all pricing via E-mail by date and time above to or

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Plan Availability: Plans & Documents

Estimator Name: John Kearns

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